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Meet Lily

 meet  chelsea

Hi! I'm Chelsea!

I'm a I'm a Detroit-native who recently found herself in Knoxville, Tennessee, a style geek, travel enthusiast, and a serious lover of bread (sadly, I am gluten free). My pup, Mona, is spoiled rotten, no shame. I'm married to a very patient man who indulges my gypsy spirit. Our son, Rhys, is my little spirit-child who loves to tag along on all my adventures. My inner compass can find local coffee shops wherever I find myself wandering. And I will, someday, be a contestant on Survivor. 


"Chelsea is an artist, passionate about her craft. She continues to train and study for proficiency in coming trends. She’s equally passionate about her clients making sure you feel beautiful (inside and out) after visiting her."


 "Chelsea has taken care of both my daughter and I for years. We love visiting her! She listens well, gives great feedback and has style that you trust. We look forward to seeing her. The Eleven Australia products she has recommended to me have been amazing!" 

ELEVEN Australia

A Brand Influencer and Educator for ELEVEN Australia, Cheveux by Chelsea has an online shop for all your product needs. ELEVEN Australia is a go-to, affordable product line that is perfect for everyone. Cruelty-free and PETA approved, ELEVEN Australia uses natural ingredients to provide maximum efficiency. 

 And the best part? They have a range of gluten-free and vegan friendly products for all hair types!



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