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Salon & Studio Consulting (with Mastermynd Media)



Whether you’re starting out new or you’re looking to expand your company, we can help. Remember, we’ve been in your shoes and we’ve learned the hard lessons along the way. We will dive deep into the behind the scenes of your business, create useful budgets, and dissect what’s working, and what’s holding you back in your company.



You have 3 seconds to grab someone's attention, and make them click “follow”. The cohesiveness of your page plays a large role in telling the world who you are as an individual, and a brand. The number one mistake most brands make is that they lack consistency in portraying their message through their social media. Our main objective is to give you the tools to create habits to help you become confident in the ever-changing social media world. Social media should be fun, not scary!



Our classes are designed to accelerate your hair techniques and help you step outside of your comfort zone. Whether you’re in the beginning stages of growing your business, feeling stagnant creatively, or wanting to make some big changes to grow your team, we have you covered.

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