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Social Media

After growing my own small business, and realizing how important social media is, I decided to dive deep into the ins & outs of social media. Through many classes, and first hand experience, I learned how to help a business grow with social media exposure. Social media platforms are a place for you to tell your story, and engage with your ideal clients. I am ready to bring my knowledge to other small businesses, while creating personal content strategies and telling your story.

Let's take the stress out of social media!

Social Media Strategies:

Let's be honest, small business owners don't always have the time to create content. That's where Cheveux can help! Between taking photos and creating reels/TikToks, creating content doesn't need to be overwhelming. 

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Posting, adding to stories, managing comments, and replying to messages... social media is a lot to tackle! Not only will Cheveux manage the day-to-day engagements on your social media, but also build your grid & post consistently to your social media platforms so you don't have to! 





Social Media


From branding colors, fonts, and aesthetic... creating a cohesive brand image is the first step in attracting your dream clientele. Cheveux will help you build a mood board, so every piece of content from your business is clearly "you."

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